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Buku-Larrnggay Carving 7065-23b

This artwork is a decorative piece crafted from renewable wood, typically sourced during the dry season from preferred woods such as Maḻwan (Hibiscus Tiliaceus), Gunhirr (Blind-Your-Eye-Mangrove), Wuḏuku (mangrove wood), Barraṯa (Kapok).

The process begins with venturing into the monsoon vine thicket, cutting the wood, and transporting it back to the vehicle through challenging terrain. The wood is then peeled and left to dry briefly before shaping with a knife or axe. Following a smooth sanding, a layer of red paint, derived from earth pigments like meku, yellow (Gaŋgul), and black (gurrŋan), is applied using rocks ground against a stone. Marwat or crosshatching, executed with a brush made from human hair, adds intricate detailing. The final layer often includes white clay or gapan, made from kaolin, applied in various designs or incised lines using a razor to reveal the light-colored wood.

Various carvings include wayin (bird), mokuy (spirit), nyiknyik (bush mouse), bäru (crocodile), gunydjuḻu (lizard), and guya (fish).


Dimensions - 32 cm x 5 cm

Depiction of Wayin (bird)

Artist - Wurrawilya