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Perth Design Week

March 23, 2023

Perth Design Week is shaping up to be a world class design festival with over 50 events including exhibitions, talks, walks and discussions showcasing all aspects of good design. Architecture, product design, interior and graphic design are all featured in this incredibly diverse festival.

AGWA Design Store is a proud supporter of local creatives and emerging designers. In this week’s AGWA Design Store news we’d like to honour some of the WA designers who form part of the Design Store family.

This week we also welcome a new designer to the team, furniture brand Remington Matters. The Perth and Adelaide-based multi-disciplinary design and production studio is comprised of industrial designers, graduate architects, and furniture makers. The timeless furniture is now at AGWA for you to sit on, recline and touch. Infact, Remington Matters even produced the interior benches and tables for our AGWA Cafe and Bar.

Image - Standing: (L-R); Angus McBride (Remington Matters); Ben Frichot (Dillinger Eyewear); Juliet Cuerden (Broochella); Emma Lashmar (Glass Artist). Seated: Daliya Al-Said (House of Zaya) and Andrea Goh (Miro Miro).

Angus McBride, Remington Matters

David Smith, Chair of Perth Design Week says he is delighted to see AGWA’s Design Store featuring more Western Australian design.

“WA has an amazing design history that is not well known by many, and this is evidence of our newly blossoming design culture and is something we all need to get behind.

“Remington Matters are a personal favourite. Their work is combining the best of medium scale local manufacturing with design that is elegant and innovative. Their design led approach to manufacturing achieves a great balance of sustainability and simple design excellence,” said David.

“Living in Perth, and our isolation, encourages a unique view on the world.”
Ben Frichot, Dillinger Eyewear

Ben Frichot | Dillinger

Andrea Goh | Miro Miro

Emma Lashmar | Glass Artist 

Juliet Cuerden | Broochella

Daliya Al-Said | House of Zaya

Angus McBride | Remington Matters